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Awabakal Environmental Education Centre

"Empowering students to reconnect our future with the web of life"

Awabakal Environmental Education Centre, is a NSW Department of Education and Communities facility which has been operating since 1976, and provides environmental and sustainability education and field work opportunities for students and teachers in Newcastle and the Hunter Region. Awabakal Nature Reserve provides an excellent opportunity to compare habitats and assess human impacts.  This coastal area was historically used by the Awabakal Aboriginal people on a seasonal basis.

Awabakal EEC is a part time facility, taking bookings on Thursdays and Fridays only. Bronwyn Strange, Awabakal's SAO is available on Fridays to respond to booking enquiries, phone messages and emails.

In 2015 Awabakal EEC will take bookings on Wednesday and Thursday. Tuesday excursions can be negotiated for particular groups. Please email or phone the EEC for further information.

New Programs:

Early Stage 1
Natural Environments Senses

Stage 3
Living World Coastal Studies

Stage 4 Science
Living World Living Environment

Stage 5 Geography
Coastal Management
Stage 5 Science
Living World Sustainable Environment

51 Boundary St
Dudley NSW 2290
Ph: 02 4944 8233
Fax: 02 4944 8154